Sleeping in the Bogart Salon

Saturday night we were parked in the Bogart Salon. Peter Hopkins pulled a rabbit out of his hat in the form of a queen sized air mattress:

Michael Kronenberg sleeping in the Bogart Salon.

It was mighty comfy after the previous night’s yoga mats.

Peter and Meenakshi, the driving forces behind citydrift and the Bogart Salon, have been instrumental in our Trust Falling in the galleries and studios of 56 Bogart. We really can’t thank them enough.

Also, on Saturday morning we participated in an artists panel. From our yoga mats we talked about the project and it’s origins. A discussion about the fear of homelessness followed. Losing one’s home is a terrifying thought and we were certainly scared in the month leading up to the actual date.

It’s an interesting feeling, relying on the kindness of our friends and strangers. We’ve had to look inward and make our own attitude adjustments. By virtue of having collectively lived with 300+ couchsurfers we know what makes a good guest.

The fact is, it’s extremely difficult to wear out your welcome after one night. But the walks in between spaces have become singing sessions that involve rewriting lyrics on the fly. There are only so many ways to stave of the heat madness that sets in just before dusk.

Heat Madness has one face.

We listened in on the curators panel discussion after all of the artists finished speaking. There was a lot of discussion about community involvement. I’m not sure exactly what to make of that discussion, it seemed that citydrift was successful on that front (a few more thoughts on that here).

That night we had our first experience bathing in a slop sink. It’s surprisingly easy.

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