Comparative Breakfast Shopping and Studio 10 [Part 2]

We went to 56 Bogart again, this time with new keys. Michael, per usual, was the key master. We stepped into the gallery and looked around. The first thing that I noticed was the odd light cast by the street lights.

An unnatural amber came from high up. It lay the window grates in short form on the floor. We walked to the window and opened a window. There was a slight chill in the air.

“Winter is coming.” Michael said.


There were people outside walking in various states of inebriation. It was pretty amusing to see and hear the stumble-steps, hugging-holds, and drunken clarion calls of “Dude, you’re the man.” or “Fuck that shit!”

Along the way to the building we met some girls who gave us beer. They had Snapperhead IPA. Which if you’re familiar with Butternuts Beer and Ale, you know that it’s bought mostly for the can art. To be fair, there are worse beers in the world, so we drank the Snapperhead…

I had a slop sink shower and laid down on the yoga mat. I wrote in my journal and drifted off to sleep after a bit. During that time we talked about the art exhibition that we were sleeping under. Marveling at the charming conceptual art. [More on the show here]

In the morning, Annelie rang the bell at the front of the building. We buzzed her in and had the Trust Fall Kit mostly packed.

When she came in, she put her bag down and said “I’m going to go get some coffee, would you care for a sandwich?”

“Why yes.”

“What kind?”

“Bacon, egg, and cheese please.”

“Coffee too?”

“Yes please.”

We must have seemed like zombies. Bacon……Coffee…….moving groggily.

By the time she showed up again, we’d packed the kit, except for Michael’s art materials and my laptop. We ate and had coffee. On the comparative breakfast note: Bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll costs $3.25 at Brooklyn Natural. The food and coffee is also pretty delectable.

Then we all started working. Annelie invited us to work in the gallery for the day. She wrote Press Releases, Michael drew, and I wrote as well. We filmed, talked about the show and the project.

She told us that we were welcome any time in Studio 10. After a sudden cancellation for Thursday night, she turned around and gave us the keys again. So we spent a second night in Studio 10, much like the first, but enjoying the art more the second time.

Mike Drawing

Annelie Writing

Sean Writing

Friday, it was off to the next studio. But we had a wonderful time, staying and working in Studio 10.

Also, I know we’ve been promising this for a while, but an art post is coming up soon. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Mike working:

And some shots from the exhibition:




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